provides what youth coaches want to know about kids soccer drills.

We put these patches on the girls' team t-shirts that have the team name on the front with their number underneath. The patches look great and the kids love them. - Coach Chris, U6 and U8, TX

Ideas and Strategies for turing around a losing soccer team.

I seriously can't believe how these patches motivate the kids! It's amazing to see such a turnaround in our team. Arizona Coach

When I first started coaching soccer, I thought it was a good idea to rotate every player to play every soccer position. But now I don't think that is necessarily best. It takes time to learn to play a soccer position and players can become confused if they are rotated too much. Obviously, being confused detracts from the fun and is a feeling most players don't enjoy.

Your patches have inspired everyone to play much better. The difference is obvious since we started with the practice games and the patches. Coach Michael